MADARA  3.1.8
madara::transport::Base Class Referenceabstract

Base class from which all transports must be derived. More...

#include <Transport.h>

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Public Types

typedef std::vector< std::string > HostsVector
 Used to define a vector of hosts to contact. More...

Public Member Functions

 Base (const std::string &id, TransportSettings &new_settings, knowledge::ThreadSafeContext &context)
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~Base ()
 Destructor. More...
int check_transport (void)
 all subclasses should call this method at the beginning of send_data More...
virtual void close (void)
 Closes this transport. More...
void invalidate_transport (void)
 Invalidates a transport to indicate it is shutting down. More...
long prep_send (const madara::knowledge::KnowledgeRecords &orig_updates, const char *print_prefix)
 Preps a message for sending. More...
virtual long send_data (const madara::knowledge::KnowledgeRecords &)=0
 Sends a list of updates to the domain. More...
TransportSettingssettings (void)
 Getter for the transport settings. More...
virtual int setup (void)
 all subclasses should call this method at the end of its setup More...
int validate_transport (void)
 Validates a transport to indicate it is not shutting down. More...

Protected Attributes

madara::utility::ScopedArray< char > buffer_
 buffer for sending More...
HostsVector hosts
const std::string id_
 host:port identifier of this process More...
volatile bool is_valid_
ACE_Thread_Mutex mutex_
madara::expression::ExpressionTree on_data_received_
 data received rules, defined in Transport settings More...
PacketScheduler packet_scheduler_
 scheduler for dropping packets to simulate network issues More...
BandwidthMonitor receive_monitor_
 monitor for receiving bandwidth usage More...
BandwidthMonitor send_monitor_
 monitor for sending bandwidth usage More...
QoSTransportSettings settings_
volatile bool shutting_down_
Condition valid_setup_

Detailed Description

Base class from which all transports must be derived.

To support knowledge updates, only the send_multiassignment method is currently required to be extended as the set, evaluate, and wait methods all call send_multiassignment. For example transport,

See also

Definition at line 62 of file Transport.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector<std::string> madara::transport::Base::HostsVector

Used to define a vector of hosts to contact.

Definition at line 68 of file Transport.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

madara::transport::Base::Base ( const std::string &  id,
TransportSettings new_settings,
knowledge::ThreadSafeContext context 


idunique identifier (generally host:port)
new_settingssettings to apply to the transport
contextthe knowledge record context

Definition at line 9 of file Transport.cpp.

madara::transport::Base::~Base ( )


Definition at line 28 of file Transport.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

int madara::transport::Base::check_transport ( void  )

all subclasses should call this method at the beginning of send_data

Definition at line 19 of file Transport.inl.

void madara::transport::Base::invalidate_transport ( void  )

Invalidates a transport to indicate it is shutting down.

Definition at line 34 of file Transport.inl.

long madara::transport::Base::prep_send ( const madara::knowledge::KnowledgeRecords orig_updates,
const char *  print_prefix 

Preps a message for sending.

orig_updatesupdates before send filtering is applied
print_prefixprefix to include before every log message, e.g., "MyTransport::svc"
-1 Transport is shutting down
-2 Transport is invalid
-3 Unable to allocate send buffer
0 No message to send > 0 size of buffered message

filter the updates according to the filters specified by the user in QoSTransportSettings (if applicable)

size = buffer[0] (unsigned 64 bit) transport id = buffer[8] (8 byte) domain = buffer[16] (32 byte domain name) originator = buffer[48] (64 byte originator host:port) type = buffer[112] (unsigned 32 bit type of message–usually MULTIASSIGN) updates = buffer[116] (unsigned 32 bit number of updates) quality = buffer[120] (unsigned 32 bit quality of message) clock = buffer[124] (unsigned 64 bit clock for this message) ttl = buffer[132] (the new knowledge starts here) knowledge = buffer[133] (the new knowledge starts here)

Definition at line 815 of file Transport.cpp.

virtual long madara::transport::Base::send_data ( const madara::knowledge::KnowledgeRecords )
pure virtual
madara::transport::TransportSettings & madara::transport::Base::settings ( void  )

Getter for the transport settings.

the current transport settings

Definition at line 45 of file Transport.inl.

int madara::transport::Base::validate_transport ( void  )

Validates a transport to indicate it is not shutting down.

Definition at line 6 of file Transport.inl.

Member Data Documentation

madara::utility::ScopedArray<char> madara::transport::Base::buffer_

buffer for sending

Definition at line 209 of file Transport.h.

madara::knowledge::ThreadSafeContext& madara::transport::Base::context_

Definition at line 191 of file Transport.h.

HostsVector madara::transport::Base::hosts

Definition at line 181 of file Transport.h.

const std::string madara::transport::Base::id_

host:port identifier of this process

Definition at line 186 of file Transport.h.

volatile bool madara::transport::Base::is_valid_

Definition at line 179 of file Transport.h.

ACE_Thread_Mutex madara::transport::Base::mutex_

Definition at line 182 of file Transport.h.

madara::expression::ExpressionTree madara::transport::Base::on_data_received_

data received rules, defined in Transport settings

Definition at line 195 of file Transport.h.

PacketScheduler madara::transport::Base::packet_scheduler_

scheduler for dropping packets to simulate network issues

Definition at line 206 of file Transport.h.

BandwidthMonitor madara::transport::Base::receive_monitor_

monitor for receiving bandwidth usage

Definition at line 203 of file Transport.h.

BandwidthMonitor madara::transport::Base::send_monitor_

monitor for sending bandwidth usage

Definition at line 200 of file Transport.h.

QoSTransportSettings madara::transport::Base::settings_

Definition at line 188 of file Transport.h.

volatile bool madara::transport::Base::shutting_down_

Definition at line 180 of file Transport.h.

Condition madara::transport::Base::valid_setup_

Definition at line 183 of file Transport.h.

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