MADARA  3.1.8
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NmadaraCopyright (c) 2015 Carnegie Mellon University
 NexpressionContains the KaRL expression tree interpreter and related classes
 NfiltersProvides filtering for the MADARA transport layer
 NknowledgeProvides functions and classes for the distributed knowledge base
 NloggerProvides knowledge logging services to files and terminals
 NthreadsProvides a quality-of-service-enabled threading library
 NtransportProvides the network transport layer for knowledge bases to communicate within and across agents
 NutilityProvides utility functions and classes for common tasks and needs
 CDeepIteratorThe iterator type returned by deep_iterate
 CEndiannessCheckerINTERNAL USE: Checks for and converting to network long (htonl)
 CFunctionMapThis class stores external functions
 CIteratorTraitsSpecialize this template to support various kinds of iterators
 CIteratorTraits< T, typename TypeHelper< typename T::value_type >::type, typename TypeHelper< typename T::value_type::second_type >::type >Specialization for map-style pair iterators, where we want to deep-copy the value, but not the key
 CIteratorTraits< T, typename TypeHelper< typename T::value_type >::type, V >Specialization for plain iterators, where we can call deep_copy directly on the iterator
 CStrideTaskINTERNAL USE: Task that can be added to a Stride scheduler
 CTernaryNodeAn abstract base class defines a simple abstract implementation of an expression tree node
 CTypeHelperHelper class for type inference